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New Churchill AKKAR 206 Shotgun Arrived

Posted on 29 July 2015

Before taking the post here at Forelock and Load, a big name in the gun world had ceased production for shotguns. I am of course talking about Lanber. Synonymous with producing great handling guns, well finished and at a price that was highly competitive. They almost became a cult brand. Favoured by new and experienced shooters alike, they did exactly what it said on the tin.

For almost three years there has been a space in the market that a few companies have tried to fill, but have not quite got there for one reason or another. So, enter the new AKKAR 206 Churchill from Turkey.

We had a call from our area rep from Edgar Brothers, saying that we should really have a look at a new shotgun from Turkey that is worth looking at. Now initially we did not think we’d be looking at something any different to what was on offer already. Not so!

We were presented with the 206 Churchill 30″ Silver Action Ejector. Straight out of the box it is an impressive looking gun. Elegant lines and a stepped receiver give a considered look that someone hasn’t just drawn it up quickly on a design program and pressed print.


The metal to metal fit is very good indeed with no slop or gaps. The finish on the receiver is a brushed steel but is also available in matte black. The furniture on this gun is grade 1 Turkish (naturally) Walnut and oiled rather than a lacquered finish (coincidentally its the same grade as on the Beretta Silver Pigeon). A great starting point. Everyone who has owned a lacquered finished gun for field use will know the woes of the cracked finish after a knock.


The barrels are also a matte black chrome finish. This reduces glare from the barrels and is in keeping with the brushed action. They are multi choke and come complete with 5 chokes, cylinder through to full, for any eventuality. They come silver chrome lined as standard. Add that they are steel proofed with 3″ chambers and you’ve got a very versatile gun which is equally at home on the peg or foreshore.

Also featured on this gun is the barrel selector, used by pushing the safety from one side or other and has a definite “on” or “off” feel. The safety itself is automatic but should easily be able to be changed to manual by a gunsmith if that is what you’re after.

The guns are very well balanced. Every customer here in the shop has been very surprised when told that they’re holding a 30″ gun and not a 28″. Interestingly this may be down to the central rib not continuing along the whole length of the barrel but stopping underneath the forend. In doing so, the weight is shifted backwards towards the stock side of the action. The beauty of this is the added shot pattern consistency out at range associated with a longer barrel but with the quicker handling of a 28″ barrel.

When brought to the shoulder, it instantly gives a sense of confidence. All important with shooting! This coupled with the fibre optic front bead, precision shooting is just a trigger pull away.

Every characteristic and feature on these guns seems to be considered and not overdone to shadow other features. The outcome is a subtle gun, elegant and understated with some serious handling characteristics.

If this review doesn’t show how impressed we were here in the shop then we will let you in on a small statistic……this range is the fastest selling and top selling shotgun brand in Australia. It is now making waves in the USA.

At the moment currently being brought into the UK by Edgar Brothers is the 206 Churchill in both Silver and Black action with the Triple Crown (AKA the Mammut, a three barrelled shotgun…..) available too. There are plans for the rest of the range to be brought in to the country with a 20 bore version not too far away.

We can honestly say that this is a new breed of gun to the UK market. As a company, AKKAR produce parts for several well known brands in the gun world as well as outside of it. For example Polaris.

All parts for their own firearms have been designed, produced and fitted in house with no outsourcing. This means they have complete control over quality and improvements. By cutting out the middleman in the supply chain, the money saved is free to pass into quality materials, larger design budgets and development of existing products. We feel this is only the start for the company on these shores and are excited to see what comes next.

Cracking gun guys. Well done!

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