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Horseware Winter Turnout Glossary

Posted on 14 September 2015

We have had lots of questions about what Horseware rug is what, which one is the best, what does plus mean? So here is our Horseware Winter Turnout Rugs Glossary which explains all for you!

RAMBO TURNOUTS; All of the Rambo rugs are handmade in Ireland

Kirstie Johnston of F&L says; "I have my own Rambo that I bought 24 years ago and it is still 100% waterproof and keeps my old horse dry and happy in the winter months! Best purchase ever"

  • RAMBO DUO; The Rambo duo is an all season rug and is the toughest and most durable of the range hence the high price tag. These are renowned to last for years and years! Comes with detachable neck and you can attach liners to this rug. These Duo's are 100 grams but you add the liners on the inside to keep your horse nice and warm, these rugs come with a 300 gram removable liner. 
  • RAMBO OPTIMO; Rambo Optimo is another one of the TOP quality rugs from the Rambo Range. Rambo is the highest level of rug Horseware do and the most durable. The Optimo is designed to give your horse maximum movement whilst wearing. Made from 1000D ballistic nylon this is a seriously strong rug! Optimo comes with a detachable hood. The rug is 0G but comes with a 400gram liner or you can purchase only the outer with no liner.
  • RAMBO SUPREME; Rambo Supreme is made from the toughest material on the market, 1000D ballistic nylon making it the most durable rug. The Supreme has thermobonded fibrefill for longer lasting heat retention on your horse and comes with a detachable hood. The Supreme comes in Lite which is 0 gram, medium which is 200G or Heavy which is 420G. Hoods are available separately in lite 0G, filled hoods which are 150g and heavy in 250G. 
  • RAMBO SUPREME TURNOUT VARILAYER; Rambo Supreme Varilayer has the same properties of the standard Supreme rug but it has extra layering for more warmth but less weight. Varilayer technology uses additional layers of thermobonded fibre across the back and hip for the ultimate in heat retention and comfort. Comes with a detachable hood. The Varilayer Turnout is available in either Medium 250g or Heavy 420G.

  • RAMBO WUG WITH VARILAYER; Rambo Wug is exactly the same design and features as the Supreme varilayer, the only difference being the neck design as it is a high neck Wug rather than a full neck. The Varilayer Wug is available in Medium 250g or heavy 450g.
  • RAMBO WUG; Rambo Wug is again made of the 1000D ballistic material making it extremely tough. High cut neck design is to give a snug fit and eliminate any wither pressure. Available in Lite 0g, Medium 200g or heavy 400g. Not compatible with the liners due to neck design. 
  • RAMBO ORIGINAL WITH LEG ARCHES; Rambo Original is the new technology with old Rambo Style. Tough and durable still using the 1000D ballistic material outer and thermobonded inner to keep your horse dry and warm. Surefit neck design with V front neck closure to give freedom to move and graze and leg arches to keep them comfy, great for bigger horses! The Rambo Original doesn't come with the hood that can be purchased separately. The Original is available in lite in either 0g or 100g, medium in 200g or heavy 400g. The Original hood comes in either lite 0g or fill which is 150g.
  • RAMBO ORIGINAL; Exactly the same as above just without the leg arches, standard rug cut to top of horses leg. Available in lite 0g, medium 200g or heavy 400g! This comes without a neck but that can be purchased separately. 
  • RAMBO ALL IN ONE; Designed for the narrower built horse, seamless rug which prevents mane rubbing and is great for thin skinned horses. All in one so hood is attached to rug and V front closure. The full integrated neck keeps one weight from ears to tail. Using same material as all others all in one is one of the toughest rugs.



  • RHINO ORIGINAL; Rhino Original uses the unique barrier technology, 1000D Polyproplene outer which protects the waterproof and breathable underneath barrier layer. Comes with anti static, anti bacterial polyester lining and thermobonded fibre filling. Classic cut design with leg arches for ultimate freedom, hood and liner lopps and cross surcingles. The original does not include a hood, but it available to purchase separately. Available in Lite 0g, Medium 200g or heavy 400g. The hoodis available in either 0g or 150g.
  • RHINO PLUS; Rhino plus is the same technology and designs as the Rhino original. Only difference is it includes a detachable hood for the rug. Again the Rhino is compatible to be used with the Rug Liners. Available in Lite 0g, Medium 200G or Heavy 400g.
  • RHINO WUG; Rhino Wug again uses the same material, design and technology as the Original and Plus. It is the original high cut neck design, not compatible with the liners due to the neck design. Available in Lite 0g, Medium 200g or heavy 400g.
  • RHINO PONY ALL IN ONE; Rhino's unique barrier technology is used again for the Pony all in one. The rug has front leg arches and cross surcingles as standard and has a fully integrated neck for best protection and maximum comfort. The All in One is available in heavy 400g only.



  • AMIGO BRAVO 12 XL; Bravo 12 is strong, waterproof and breathable 1200D Polyester outer with polyester lining and fibrefill. Cut to fit the larger horse with a more generous neck and optimum dart placement, double front closures, front leg arches and hood loops. Waterproof and breathable. The XL has a 20% deeper neckline and is 20% vertically on the shoulders. No neck included. Available in Lite 0g, Medium 250g or Heavy 400g. Hoods are available either in 0g or with 150g fill separately. 
  • AMIGO BRAVO 12 PLUS XL; Bravo 12 Plus is exactly the same as the 12 XL the only difference is this comes with a detachable hood included. Only available in 400g heavyweight.
  • AMIGO BRAVO 12; Classic Amigo turnout, strong 1200D Polyester, waterproof and breathable outer polyester lining. Classic cut, double front closures, front leg arches and cross surcingles. Can be used with rug liners. Detachable hood available separately. Available in Lite 0g, 100g, Medium 250g or Heavy 400g. Separate hood is available in 0g or 150g fill.
  • AMIGO BRAVO 12 PLUS; Made from the same material as the other Amigo Bravo, this rug features the patented V front closure and cut to our surefit neck design. Features leg arches, cross surcingles and a detachable hood. Available to be used with the rug liners. Available in Lite 0g, Medium 250g or Heavy 400g.
  • AMIGO BRAVO 12 WUG; Amigo Wug uses the same lining and outer as the other Bravo turnouts. High neck design to give a snug fit and eliminate any chance of wither pressure. Leg arches for maximum movement whilst grazing and maximum movement. Available in lite 0g, Meidum 250 g or Heavy 400g.
  • AMIGO BRAVO 12 ALL IN ONE; Using the same material as the other Bravos the All in One is seamless for maximum comfort and security. Designed for a narrow horse it has protection from the ears to the tail, all in one. Only in heavy 400g.


  •  AMIGO HERO 6 XL; 600D Polyester waterproof and breathable outer with Polyester lining. Cut to fit the larger horse with a more generous neck and optimum dart placement, double front closures and front leg arches. 20% deeper liner and 20% deeper vertically along the shoulders. Available in lite 0g or 200g medium. 
  • AMIGO HERO 6; Hero 6 is the 600D polyester outer waterproof rug. Classic original cut, double front closures, front leg arches and cross surcingles. Available in various colours and in Lite 0g, Lite 50g and in medium 200g. 
  • AMIGO HERO 6 PLUS; Exactly the same as the Hero 6 only difference the Plus comes with a detachable hood, either available in 0g or 200g.
  • AMIGO HERO 6 ALL IN ONE; All in One has the same technology as the Hero 6 but is a seamless rug with full coverage from ears to tail, designed for a narrow build horse and is great for thin skinned horses as prevents mane rubbing. Only available in Medium 200g



  •  MIO TURNOUT; Mio turnout made of 600D Polyester waterproof outer and polyester lining. Class cut design, breathable to point of dripstrip. Breathable and waterproof. Available in Lite 0g or medium 200g.
  • MIO ALL IN ONE; Mio all in one, the same technology and material as the Mio just an all in one design with full coverage from ears to the tail. Available in lite 0g, medium 200g and heavy 350g.

We hope this helps you when choosing a rug and to define the differences between the ranges that Horseware supply! Any questions do give us a ring on 01284 811032. We can order any specific requirements in for customers!

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