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Bomber Bits Best Sellers

Posted on 04 November 2015

Bomber Bits are one of our top sellers at Forelock & Load; over the last few weeks people have been hearing more and more about them and have been enquiring as to the different dressage and jumping bits available from the range. Originating from South Africa the bits are created by Nel Bomber, a horseman himself his aim was to create a bit with a thinner mouthpiece and less surface area to relieve tension and give more room around the tongue therefore decreasing any resistance and increasing connectivity from the horse to the riders hands.


Over the years he has designed many new bits and creations but never has the sweet iron used been altered or changed. Using sweet iron is the key to these bits as sweet iron encourages the horse to salivate therefore becoming soft and supple in the mouth and accepting the contact, no longer leaning on your hand or pulling against you! Unoxidised sweet iron has the blue finish to the metal which makes it look lovely and pretty hence all the Bombers having a lovely blue finish to them, however this won't stay blue for too long.


New sweet iron that is unoxidised and has not been used has this blue colour however once sweet iron is oxidised the blue colouring fades into a brown greyish colour and can produce rust. It does not turn into chipping rust like metal would so has no danger to the horse at all. Having used them it seems that as they rust the horses actually prefer the taste of the sweet iron! You can rub the bit down when it does rust to ensure it is smooth but there is absolutely no danger to the horse from the rust.

Sweet iron is used as bits made from this material will last much longer compared to bits made out of copper blends, this is one of the reasons the bits have a higher price tag as they last so much longer. The cheeks and rings of the bits are made from steel so these do not change in appearance over time despite the sweet iron changing. 

Bombers have an incredible range of bits available, there is honestly something for every horse! They range in severity with some of the bits designed to create a light pressure for a horse that may need help creating a better picture overall with its head carriage and then there are bits that create heavy pressure designed for strong or difficult horses that need problems correcting or to achieve control. All of the range are created focusing on pressure points around the horses head, focusing on the cheek, curb or poll areas where the horse will have the majority of pressure applied. The mouth pressure points are then studied looking at the bar pressure which encourages the horse to bring the head down, the pinch pressure and the tongue pressure. 


Every mouthpiece created has been carefully studied and reviewed to ensure each bit is created with a clear pressure point, giving users an understanding of what will help to decrease their horses problems. The most popular mouthpieces we have found from the range would be the Happy Tongue, Elliptical, Control Plate & Lock Up pieces. All of these have very different functions but have proved to be popular with different rider & horse combinations for various reasons.  The Control plate has been designed to be a slightly more severe bit, creating pressure to all of the mouth pressure points. The plate is set at a 45 degree angle to follow the contour of the horses tongue and is ideal for a horse that shakes his head or doesn't accept the contact when in a snaffle bit. The elliptical mouthpiece is stronger than the control plate due to the pressure being concentrated on a much smaller surface area, suiting horses that push with their tongues and draw their heads in and underneath their chin becoming over bent. The main benefit of this bit is to help to find a better balance of all over control for both horse and rider.

The Happy tongue is a very soft and delicate mouthpiece uniquely ported to give maximum tongue relief to the horse. The port is curved to be softer on the bars and slow in applying direct tongue pressure, the happy tongue is not dressage approved for BE, BD or FEI competitions due to the port of the mouthpiece. Lock Up mouthpieces are another of our most popular and are also not a severe bit at all, the lock up  removes the nut cracker action of the conventional snaffle decreasing the pressure on the bars of the bit. All of these bits are available in a range of cheek pieces from loose rings, to Williams and Pelhams giving so many options to riders seeking the correct bit for their horse. They are now used by many professional riders including event rider Caroline Powell with all of her horses.



Every single Bombers bit is handmade in South Africa, being finished with incredible attention to detail and reducing any chance of the bit pinching whilst in the mouth or causing problems. Being a higher priced bit many people wish to try the bit before spending a large amount of money on an expensive bit so we are now offering hire for the Bombers on four different bits. You can hire the Bomber Blue jumping bit, Loose Ring Elliptical Snaffle, Happy Tongue Snaffle and also the Loose Ring Lock up from us to try, our hire terms let you keep the bit for 7 working days and only costs £8.50 so definitely worth trying if you aren't sure of the best bit for your horse!

You order through the website and the bit will be with you within  2 days and then you can experiment! This gives you the chance to try and see what works best before spending a large amount on an expensive bit. We only hire out 5.5" bits for people to try but if you decide to purchase the bit you just need to send the trial one back to us and we will send out a new one in the correct size for you! We are finding this a great procedure to use and have had lots of positive feedback from customers! 

Bombers have such a large range of bits and we are dedicated to bringing them all to our customers, to make the range as accessible as possible! If you are after a bit that we don't have available or live online then please get in touch and we can order anything in for you. If you have any questions about bits that may suit your horse then drop us an email to info@forelockandload.com and we can help you!

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