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Harcour Jacket Winner Jennifer Melvin!

Posted on 16 November 2015

As soon as I slipped on the Harcour Epona Softshell jacket at Forelock & Load, a woman beside me remarked about how stunning it was and once I checked in the mirror I couldn't disagree with her. The compliments kept flowing from non-horsey friends (and strangers!) too when I wore it to the pub later that afternoon.


It is such a smart looking, well-fitting coat I was almost loathe to wear it to the yard for fear that my horse would get a hold of it! But, I wanted to really test it, so Sunday morning off to the yard we went! As predicted, my horse took one look at my shiny new coat and smeared her breakfast all down my sleeve... but much to my delight the ‘softshell fabric’ was super easy to brush off the breakfast remains.


I loved the thin nature of the coat, because I didn't feel hindered by bulk at all while riding. Another bonus to the thin, lightweight design is that it has been great to layer under other coats, which I peel off when I inevitably warm up after a couple minutes of schooling. And – coming from the girl who’s been seen riding in December in a t-shirt – I miraculously didn't wildly overheat while schooling in it, and the breathable fabric meant I didn't have to peel it off afterwards.



The jacket is super comfortable, easy to wear, and looks good with pretty much anything I've thrown it on with!! The slightly stretchy fabric is up there next to leggings on the comfort scale – so it was bound to get a thumbs up from me!! It’s what I like to call “effortless effort” – in between working, taking care of the horses, and maintaining some semblance of a social life... my appearance for all of the above is guilty of blending into one (ie, I have been known to turn up to social events still in my yard clothes!), but finally I've found a jacket that is functional, comfortable, and fashionable.


Overall, what I loved most was the total freedom of movement the cut and fabric of the jacket offers, combined with the smart, almost professional, appearance it has making it perfect to ride in, and walk the dogs in, and go to the pub in, and... honestly, I haven’t really taken it off yet...

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