Charlotte McNally introduces her new horse Mystie

We had a lovely catch up with Charlotte a few weeks ago and heard about her plans for this year.

At the moment Charlotte is struggling to ride during the week as it is dark when she gets home from school. She is concentrating on building up Mystie’s fitness over the weekends. Charlotte’s goals for this summer are to try out for the Suffolk Hunt Pony Club Team Dressage. To take part in some unaffiliated eventing in the local area. Mystie is only 6 and with them being a new partnership, they’re still finding their feet.

Introducing Mystie…

Pretty Blue (Mystie) is a 6 year old Irish Draft x Cob blue and white mare. Although she looks grey when she’s clipped or bathed you can see her blue markings. Mystie kind of fell into Charlotte’s life in June 2019. She loves XC, hacking in the forest and she is getting used to dressage. Mystie came from a dealer in Kent and she wasn’t the horse which Charlotte actually went to view! Charlotte said “Mystie is awesome and there isn’t even one thing I would change about her.”
There isn’t really anything she doesn’t like and she always says yes which is so refreshing. Her two strange habits are she doesn’t like Polo’s but she loves Stud Muffins! She also pulls a funny pout with her top lip when she’s jumping – you can see it in the photo below.

Mystie pouting for the camera.

When she is turned out she follows me around the field! She really does try her heart out for me and always wants to please. I honestly couldn’t have a kinder horse.

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