Fitting Guides

We have produced fitting guides for a variety of products that we supply.

Bits, Bridles and Girths

Fitting the Bomber Bit

The bit should be fitted in your horse's mouth with the size (as you look at the horse) the correct way up for you to read and on your right-hand side. We recommend that you have the bit so the horse just has ½ to one lip wrinkle at the corner of the mouth. This might have to be altered if the horse has large canines. When fitting a bit with a fixed cheek e.g an eggbutt we recommend that the lip should sit flush with the butt to ensure a snug but not tight fit. When fitting a loose ring (pictured below) we like to see a bit of clearance either side of approx. 3-4mm to make sure the lips will not get pinched. Please watch our video

If you have any queries please email Kirstie with photos so we can recommend how to change it.


Equi Soft Girth Fitting Guide

  • To correctly use the Equi-Soft® Girth, the centre of the girth must be positioned symmetrically in the centre of the horse's girth line.
  • Never adjust only one side, the tension should be similar on both sides of the girth.
  • Both short and long girths should have the training aid ring at the centre of the main girth piece pointing to the front of the horse when girthing up.
  • The girth itself should be girthed in a way that you can put a flat hand, with some resistance, in between the girth and the horse at the padding. Too tight or too loose could cause discomfort.
  • Please also use 1st and 3rd billet strap to girth, to give good anchorage of the saddle.

Washing and Care Instructions

Washing instructions for Merino Wool & Lambskin

  • Remove hair, dirt & dried sweat with a firm brush
  • Rub human hair conditioner generously over Lambskin & Wool areas
  • Conditioner for dry hair is recommended
  • Machine wash on a hand wash cycle only
  • Use non-bio powder or liquid
  • Reshape after washing (saddle cloths)
  • Air dry near heat source. Never tumble dry
  • Do not use fabric conditioners