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Fitting Guides

We have produced fitting guides for a variety of products that we supply.

Bits, Bridles and Girths

Fitting the Bomber Bit

The bit should be fitted in your horse’s mouth with the size (as you look at the horse) the correct way up for you to read and on your right-hand side.

We recommend that you have the bit so the horse just has ½ to one lip wrinkle at the corner of the mouth. This might have to be altered if the horse has large canines.

When fitting a bit with a fixed cheek e.g an eggbutt we recommend that the lip should sit flush with the butt to ensure a snug but not tight fit. When fitting a loose ring (pictured below) we like to see a bit of clearance either side of approx. 3-4mm to make sure the lips will not get pinched.  Please watch our video

If you have any queries please email Kirstie with photos so we can recommend how to change it.

Fitting the Stübben Freedom Bridle

  1. Take the bridle (without the bit) and place on your horse’s head with the headpiece being once inch back from your horse’s ears.  It must not touch the ears at this point.
  2. Fasten the throat lash whilst the headpiece is in the correct place.  This will stop the headpiece from moving too far forward and secure the bridle.  The throat lash should sit snug against the horse’s cheek without it being over tight. 
  3. The noseband should be fitted next.  It should sit 2 fingers lower than the protruding cheek bone.  Any higher it will be uncomfortable and cause unnecessary pressure. 
  4. Once happy, take it off and attach your bit and put it back on remembering where you fastened it up before.
  5. Have a look at our video fitting guide on our YouTube channel.

If you have any queries please email Kirstie with photos so we can recommend how to change it. 

Equi Soft Girth Fitting Guide

Washing and Care Instructions

Washing instructions for Merino Wool & Lambskin