Hello everyone, It’s me Kathryn here just checking in for an update. 2019 has flown by and it has been a tough one for Goat and I. Let me bring you up to speed…

I had a nasty accident involving a friends horse in February which left me with multiple broken ribs and a lacerated liver. This left me out of action for months and Goat went to say with my trainer while I recovered.

We had a great return to eventing in June when we headed to our local event Stratford Hills. Goat did a nice dressage test and we pulled out our first ever double clear. Clever Goat scooped us 5th place.

Unfortunately our luck changed again after this with Goat going lame at our next event due to a bruised hoof from a pulled shoe. He had a month of rest and thankfully was fit and well to make to Lincolnshire for a beach holiday last weekend.

We had a brilliant time galloping along the beach, Goat absolutely loves the water all though wasn’t too sure on the waves. We went with two close friends, fellow ginger pony riders Hannah and Terri – all the horses got on brilliantly. Goat very much enjoyed racing his new friends on the beach.

Kathryn and Goat

We returned from the beach with a bump back to reality with Goat picking a fight with a pesky wasp which resulted In him picking up a nasty injury to one of his hind legs. Thankfully it appears to be superficial and nothing a couple more weeks of rest won’t fix.

Terri and Alvin on the left, Hannah and Opal, Kathryn and Goat

So where does that leave us now? Our event season just unfortunately just hasn’t made it out of the start box this year. I’m planning to enjoy the last part of the year getting Goat fit and healthy, starting training again and maybe a few pony parties too. 

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