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Samshield Technology

Samshield Airflow

Before drawing Samshield helmets we have surveyed hundreds of amateur riders, pros, ponies and their parents. We asked them what they were complaining about their current helmet. Their answers were unanimous.

With Samshield helmets forget your problems of:

Because passive safety (helmet ability to absorb an impact) is essential, Samshield helmets are made with the same technologies as motorcycle helmets: polycarbonate external shell + variable density inner shell polystyrene which ensure an excellent impact absorption and allow Samshield to exceed safety standards required.

Incredible airflow by air canalization under the visor (therefore no big unstylish air intakes on the shell).

Less pressure on the forehead. A thorough anthropomorphic study led to design an inner shell form generating an unmatched confort.

Insert with memory form foams therefore no squeezable. Strap equipped with leather around and rigid foam inside allowing to completely blocking the helmet.

Inside cleaning
Insert removable (clip system fixation) and washable.

External color fading
Shell equipped with original Alcantara®.

After sales service
Replacement of eventual damaged parts in case of impact.


Samshield exceeds safety standards required

The certification standards guarantee the conformity and quality of horse-riding helmets.

They allow the indispensable approval for horse-riding usage at the highest level by subjecting the helmets to various tests and checks:
– Impact on the helmet’s front, back and lateral sections
– Stability on the head in case of a fall
– Lateral crushing
– Resistance of the retention system.

These standards are very strict and evolve regularly to better protect riders.

This year, certification standards have advanced by integrating new technical constraints.

Samshield works with the CRITT (a French certified laboratory renowned for being the most demanding in the world) to ensure that all its products respect these standards.

By considering requirements right from the initial design of the product, they are best able to meet these standards.


– The impact test corresponds to a horse rider falling on his head. It measures the helmet’s ability to absorb a blunt impact. The requirement of this new standard became very closed to motorcycle helmets standard.
– The side-distortion test simulates the squashing of the helmet by a horse. It measures the ability of the helmet to resist distortion. This test didn’t exist in previous standards. It’s the same requirement than for motorcycle helmets.
– The penetration test measures the resistance the helmet offers to a pointed object that could penetrate the ventilation area.

The tests results are very positive, and considerably higher than standard scores.

Samshield is proud to propose products of exceptional quality which exceed the highest safety standards.

Shadowmatt and Premium helmets meet CE-VG1 01.040 2014-12 and ASTM/SEI standards

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