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Stubben Freedom Girth Review

Quirky yet functional?

The Stubben Freedom girth is an eye-catching design brimming with innovative features.  But is the quirky design actually functional?

The six-panel girth is flexible and well padded, comprising of the best quality super soft leather. Large cushioned panels distribute pressure evenly and feature a clever mesh insert. This not only provides a cooling action, it also conceals the inner workings of the girth and ensures no skin or hair can be caught/pinched. The side sections sit flush with the hors’es side, and form a ‘V’ that really glues the saddle in place with large buckles that fasten easily and allows the tension to be gradually and appropriately increased.

My top priority for my horses is that they are comfortable at all times. Their tack should allow and encourage them to work to the best of their ability.

Fig is a quirky little chap and presents two problems…

  • He has a round barrel and a powerful back end; a combination that shunts his tack half way up his neck. 
  • He is base narrow in front with a deep elbow groove; a combination that means he can suffer rubs and pinched skin.

Whilst warming up, Fig felt fantastic! A noticeably softer action than on previous occasions; he was really reaching forward and swinging through in front. We settled into a great rhythm very quickly and there was not a hint of hesitation at any point.


I felt 100% secure; from the moment we started to the moment we finished and this confidence was reflected throughout. Fig was eager to tuck up into a nice shape, and we finished the session bouncing over a 1.10m spread. My tack didn’t budge a single mm, despite the almighty buck that was showcased a number of times!

I was pleased to see minimal sweat when taking the girth off, and no indication of rubs or pinching. Watching back videos from the session, he looks every bit as loose and supple as he felt.

During interval training and polework, the girth has continued to impress. The design really respects the anatomy of the horse and the requirement for movement (expansion of the ribcage and swing of the shoulder).

The quirky exterior is not a limiting factor to its effectiveness and gets the thumbs up from us. So much so, that we will trial the girth with our dressage tack.

Furthermore, we will continue to test its stick ability whilst at the gallops and arena eventing over winter!

Fig Jumping

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