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The Stubben Freedom Bridle for my Horse who Severed her Nuchal Ligament.

Stübben Freedom Bridle

In spring 2016, my 4 year old mare had a freak accident, falling and fracturing her skull at the poll and severing her nuchal ligament.  She was rushed to the vets where several large fragments of bone were removed and she was hospitalised to manage her wound.

 Initial Injury 

Due to the position of her injury I began investigating bridles which would avoid pressure over the poll and came across the Stübben Freedom Bridle.  After a chat with Kirstie, I hired a bridle from Forelock and Load to check the fit and it was just what I was looking for.  At her 8 week check up the vet was happy for me to start lunging in her new bridle and in less than 12 weeks I was back on board.

  Healing            Ready to wear a bridle         Back on board after 12 weeks

After some light work last autumn, she had the winter off and was brought back in to work just before Easter.  She is going from strength to strength, jumping well and I hope to have her out competing at BE80 level later this summer.  Knowing that her bridle doesn’t put any pressure on the area she has damaged has given me the confidence to continue her education as normal and the vets don’t believe she will have any long term problems (Though they’ve warned me she may not be a grand prix dressage horse!)

XC Schooling   XC Schooling

I also recently started using the Stübben Freedom Bridle on my older horse. Having forgotten his normal bridle, I popped the freedom bridle on for schooling and was amazed at how much softer he was in it.  They now have to share, though I have promised him one of his own this summer!


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