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Magic Tack Inlays


Magic Tack Inlay



The MagicTack browband is a must have!!  When did we ever think we would be able to change the sparkle of our browband in about 2 seconds and whilst the bridle is on our horse!  Now you can……

The curved magnetic tape, which is discreetly hidden inside the leather browband is the basis for the many individually designed inlays by MagicTack. The MagicTack technology allows the browband inlays to be easily interchangeable. Your browband can be fitted in no time to your specific required style without taking it apart.  All you have to do is release the inlay from the magnetic tape and the pockets on either side. To put in a different inlay, make sure that the inlay is placed in the middle of the browband, and pop the ends of the inlay into the pockets on either end of the Swing browband.  The process is really simple and quick. The inlay as well as the tape inside the brow band are both magnetic, strong and tight grip is therefore guaranteed.  The inlays are beautifully crafted and furnished with genuine Swarovski crystals.

 If you do not have the MagicTack browband you will need to order this as well for the Inlay system to work.


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