Stübben Freedom Girth

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Please click here to see the brilliant review from Nic Turner from Diamonds in the Rough Dressage.

An everyday piece of equipment refined and developed by Stubben reveals the Freedom Girth.

The Stübben Freedom Girth has been developed to allow freedom of the movement within the horse’s abdominal muscles.  The main priority was given to achieving a design that contours the rib cage and taking into account where the muscle meets the sternum.  It has been specifically designed for the jumping audience, be it eventing or showjumping.
The girth is comprised of 6 articulated parts the muscles which the girth envelopes can still maintain their natural movement due to the girth being able to move from left to right without it becoming blocked like a normal one piece girth.  The central separation of the girth creates superior ventilation and allows for efficient drainage of sweat.  The unique design allows for an even distribution of pressure over a larger surface area whilst also giving protection.

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Equi Soft Girth Fitting Guide

  • To correctly use the Equi-Soft® girth, the centre of
    the girth must be positioned symmetrically in the centre of the horse’s girth line.
  • Never adjust only one side, the tension should be similar on both sides of the girth.
  • Both short and long girths should have the training aid ring at the centre of the main girth piece pointing to the front of the horse when girthing up.
  • The girth itself should be girthed in a way that you can put a flat hand, with some resistance, in between the girth and the horse at the padding. Too tight or too loose could cause discomfort.
  • Please also use 1st and 3rd billet strap to girth, to give good anchorage of the saddle.