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  • Bombers Blue Loose Ring
  • Bombers Blue Loose Ring

Bombers Bit

Bombers Blue Loose Ring

Bombers Blue Loose Ring


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Bombers Blue Bits are from the Bomber Bits range which strives to manufacture bits particularly for horses who struggle or resist to accept the contact. Made using Sweet iron which oxidises quickly they encourage the horse to salivate allowing them to accept the bit comfortably, the taste of the sweet iron also encourages horses to accept the bit as it is a pleasant taste and feel whilst in their mouth. They were initially designed for Polo and Polocrosse but many showjumpers picked up on them and begun to use them. The Bombers Blue bit is a unique bit, which produces amazing results for the majority of horses. The bit has a high port so that the tongue has plenty of room and can easily go underneath meaning there is no pressureon the tongue and the bit feels very light whilst in the horses mouth. The Loose ring ensures that there is immediate release if the horse does grab the bit ensuring there is total relief from tongue an bar pressure. Made from a rubber nylon compound with sweet iron running the whole way through. With cheek guards as well to prevent any rubbing, this bit would suit a horse with a larger tongue as there is plenty of room! Legal under FEI Rules

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