British Eventing has issued a grace period until Monday 8th April 2024

We have all been made aware that British Eventing, Pony Club etc. were updating their body protector rulings. Originally January 1st 2024 saw the change coming into effect. However due to supply and demand issues, British Eventing have announced that all competitors must upgrade their body protector to a blue BETA 2018 body protector from Monday 8th April this year.

We actually believe this to be a sensible amendment to the rulings. If you purchased your body protector in 2009 at 15 years old, it really does need replacing. Depending on use, we recommend that people who are riding regularly and competing look at changing their body protector every 3-5 years.

You can easily identify if your body protector is of the correct standard due to the BETA label that is usually visible on the outside of your body protector. It will be a bright turquoise blue and has 2018 clearly on it.

The BETA 2018 label that will be visible on your body protector.

Body protectors are designed to protect the major internal organs in the trunk of the body. They also help protect your ribs and soft tissue damage in the event of a fall. The foam the body protectors are made from absorb the impact from either a fall, a kick of being stepped on by your horse or pony.

We offer a full body protector fitting service in store and we are happy to help if you’ve purchased your body protector from our online shop. You can find more details HERE.

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