We are required by law to age verify that the purchaser and recipient are over 18 before dispatch of any bladed item purchased from Forelock and Load. This comes under The Offensive Weapons Act 2019 and below are our delivery requirements.

Please do not attempt to order any bladed items unless you are over 18 years old and you can prove it.

We will contact you via telephone to ask for your date of birth. If you do not answer, we will email you. Your order will not be dispatched or sent until we have received a reply confirming your date of birth.

All packages containing bladed articles will be clearly marked to indicate that it contains a bladed article and that it can only be delivered into the hands of a person aged 18 or over.

Each package will be packaged appropriately and where necessary heavy cardboard will be wrapped around sharp edges, to ensure it doesn’t pierce the outer packaging.

Forelock and Load cannot deliver any package containing a bladed article to a locker because there is no means of verifying age at the point of collection. This also covers lockable containers front which items are collected by purchasers or their representatives, such as lockers installed at petrol stations and retail outlets which involve a code being sent to the purchaser to open it. These do not easily enable age verification to be carried out at the point of collection.

Our courier “Royal Mail Tracked Age Verification Service” and they will only deliver to residential addresses where the recipient must show an approved photograph ID. Permissible ID includes; Photograph Driving Licence, Shotgun or Firearms Certificate, Passport etc.

There are no exceptions to the policy we have in place for the selling and delivery of bladed articles within the UK.

We are unable to send any bladed articles outside of the UK.