In a world where customer loyalty is paramount, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to reward their valued customers. Forelock and Load, a young and dynamic, equestrian, country and shooting store, has taken customer appreciation to new heights with its clever rewards scheme. Let’s delve into the Forelock and Load customer loyalty points, and explore how this scheme is revolutionising the shopping experience for their customers.

Why choose Forelock and Load Customer Rewards Points

Building Stronger Connections

Forelock and Load understands that customer loyalty is not just about transactions; it’s about building lasting connections. The Customer Loyalty Points programme goes beyond traditional sales tactics, creating a dynamic and engaging relationship between the brand and its customers.

How it works

Customers earn points with every purchase made at Forelock and Load, either online or in store.  Please note, you will not receive our rewards points, if you buy via our stores on third party selling channels. These points accumulate in your account, transforming into pounds. The more a customer shops, the more points they earn, which equates to more money off future purchases. 

The Rewards

Tailored Rewards for Country Enthusiasts

Forelock and Load recognises the needs and preferences of its customer base. The Forelock and Load Rewards Club is designed to include maximum points across a variety of country, shooting and equestrian items. This personalisation ensures that every customer feels valued and appreciated.

Unlocking Exclusive Access

One of the standout features of Forelock and Load Customer Rewards Points is the access it provides to exclusive promotions. You will get the heads up for early product launches, flash sales and open evenings.

The Impact on Customer Experience

Fostering Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is at the heart of the Forelock and Load Rewards Points program. By offering incentives for interaction, such as writing reviews, referring friends, participating in social media challenges, or updating your profile to include your birthday, we create a vibrant community of country enthusiasts who share a common passion.

Seamless Integration

The Forelock and Load rewards programme seamlessly integrates with the online and in store shopping experience. Customers can easily track their points and redeem them with a few clicks. This user-friendly approach enhances the overall satisfaction of the shopping journey. Equally if you have shopped in store, you will still receive the same rewards points as shown on our website, and these can be used either on line or in store.

How to view your Rewards points

The Forelock and Load Customer Rewards points, are easily viewed by using the following steps.  Head to and sign into your account.  Add something to your basket and click through to checkout.  You will now be able to see how many rewards points you have collected and the monetary value.

Where to view your Customer Rewards Points.


Real Impact

Nothing speaks louder than the words of satisfied customers. Through reviews and testimonials, Forelock and Load showcases the impact of its rewards program on Google. These narratives serve as a testament to our commitment to customer service.

Conclusion: A Winning Formula

In the competitive world of online and physical retail, Forelock and Load’s Customer Rewards Points programme stands out, in line with their customer-centric focus. By combining personalised rewards, exclusive access, and seamless integration, this has created a formula that not only retains loyal customers but most importantly helps them to save money.

As countryside enthusiasts continue to enjoy Forelock and Load’s rewards scheme, they are not just selling products; it’s fostering a vibrant community united by a shared love for the countryside, horses and riding, dogs, and shooting. In the world of Forelock and Load, every purchase is not just a transaction—it’s a step toward unlocking a world of exciting rewards and an unparalleled shopping experience.