Gun Storage

Gun storage is offered at Forelock and Load on a short and long term basis. This is perfect if you are going away, moving house, going on holiday or your licence is due to expire. We can store shotguns, rifles and ammunition for you.

If you live further away you can send your guns to us via your local Registered Firearms Dealer (RFD). Alternatively if you are local, we can complete all the paperwork for you in store. To transfer your gun/guns from yourself to our RFD is £25 per gun. We charge £4 including VAT per gun per week and this is invoiced on a monthly basis. All guns and ammunition will be stored on site in our temperature controlled, highly secure strong room. Please call 01284 811032 if you would like more information on our gun storage service.

Gun Servicing

Gun servicing is a service we offer in house for the majority of the work undertaken. We will also use the manufacturer to carry out some of the works, if we deem this to be the right option for your gun. If we are unable to do a repair, we are always happy to recommend other companies, who will be able to complete the work required.

There are many different repair and maintenance tasks our gunsmith is able to do. Below is a list of the most popular but by no means them all.

  • Firing pins
  • Ejectors
  • Recoil pads
  • Seasonal service
  • Safety tests
  • Strip and clean
  • Springs
  • Regulators
  • O Ring sets
  • Chorongraphs
  • Scope set ups
  • Zeroing

Due to the nature of the work, we charge £25 to cover the cost to investigate the problem. We will then give you a quote before any work is undertaken on an individual basis.