Sian who many of you will know from the shop, is a key member of our team here at Forelock and Load. Sian started showing from an early age and took her mare Indi to a local show last weekend. Worlington Riding Club were holding their annual Spring Open Show at their showground in Fordham, Newmarket. Sian has really kindly shared her top tips for getting your horse or pony’s turnout on point to dazzle in the show ring.

Introducing Star of India

Indi is a well known mud monster out in the field and is often found wallowing in any mud in her paddock. She lives out all the time, so trying to get her white bits white, really is a bit of a challenge!

Indi showing just how muddy she likes to be!

Indi is a 12 year old Cob x Welsh who Sian has owned for 5 years and affectionately calls her a field ornament who occasionally goes out hacking. This summer, Sian thought it would be great fun to get Indi out and about to some local shows and fun rides.

Sian’s Tips and Product Choices For That Coveted First Prize

NAF Tea Tree and Mint Shampoo and April Power Shower Horse Sponge

Sian’s show routine starts with giving Indi a good initial scrub using NAF Tea Tree and Mint Shampoo with an April Power Shower Sponge (a firm favourite in the shop). This helps to get the first layer of dirt out of her coat. The April Power Shower Sponge has a Tigers Tongue on one side so it’s great to work the shampoo into the stains, whilst holding onto some water with the sponge.

Phase two starts with the Shires Ezi-Groom Body Wash Brush (a cheapy but a goodie!) with a very heavy helping of Wahl Diamond White Shampoo, which is specifically designed for greys and coloureds with a lot of white. Sian loves the Body Wash Brush as it holds a lot of water and the shampoo goes much further. The bristles on the outside, really help to lift stubborn stains.

Tackling Indi’s thick, varying shades of yellow Welshy tail is a mission in itself. Sian recommends hot water, Diamond White Shampoo and a good two to three washes. On the final wash, Sian leaves the shampoo in her tail whilst concentrating on Indi’s legs. Having allowed it to sit and soak in, will wash it out – be warned as it takes a few rinses to get the blue hue back under control!

Absorbine Showsheen Hair Polish and Detangler
Showsheen is a game changer for keeping stable and grass stains at bay. It is also a superb detangler

Once Indi had dried, Sian finished her off with Absorbine Showsheen Hair Polish and Detangler. She uses this on Indi’s body and brushes it through her mane and tail to keep it tangle free. Lightly applying it on her body, just helps to keep the dust and any grass stains off her for as long as possible. Sian’s best advice is to just scrub, scrub, scrub!!!

Turnout On Show Day!

On show day, Sian’s day starts by checking to see how many stains and how much mud is back on Indi! Nine times out ten she will need her legs and tail washing again! After tackling her legs, Sian towel dries them and then wearing gloves (very important tip) chalks her legs with the NAF Brighter Than White chalk, then pops some wraps and stable bandages over the top. When applying chalk, Sian recommends applying it damp legs as it sticks better to the hair and will give a better finish when it has dried.

When they arrive at the show, Sian unbandages Indi’s legs and using a LeMieux Tangle Tidy mane and tail brush, brushes through her feathers to evenly distributes the chalk and removes any traces of it. Do make sure you have a spare mane and tail brush so you don’t drag white chalk through a black mane or tail! For Indi’s hooves, Sian is a huge fan of the Absorbine SuperShine Clear Hoof Polish. Indi has white and black feet and the clear polish leaves them looking natural and shiny. Sian finishes her off with a light spray of ShowSheen from head to tail and a final rub over with a stable rubber, before heading to the ring.

We are sure you will agree, just how fabulous Sian has turned out Indi. The proof is in the pudding, they went on to win their class!

Indi with Sian’s little brother winning the Turnout and Condition Class.