Selling Your Gun

We are here to help you sell your gun.

From speaking to you, to find out your needs, booking your gun/s in, giving you a valuation, advertising, fielding potential buyers, right through to the sale and transfer of funds, we take care of it all.

When you bring your gun/s in, we will assess it and give you the current market value. We take the age, condition and type of gun into consideration whilst doing this. We look for a competitive value which is achievable whilst not pricing it off the market.

We have an agreement of sale, which we will fill in and then ask you to read and sign.

If for any reason we cannot look at your gun whilst you are waiting, we can book it on to our register, and get in touch with you via telephone and email to let you know our valuation and if you wish to proceed with the sale.

Once your gun has sold, we will transfer it to the new owner and they have a 7 day returns window, just to make sure they are happy with the fit etc. As soon as this period is up, we will put the sale through and process your payment. Please note, all payments are paid directly into the designated bank account you have provided us with in the agreement of sale.

We make the whole process pain free.