Forelock and Load Bitting Advice

We have offered a bitting advice service at Forelock and Load for many years. Kirstie has spent a lot of time working with top class event riders, showjumpers and dressage riders to help them gain those extra marks and clear rounds for that win. Kirstie is passionate about getting your horse or pony comfortable and for you to be able to feel the difference in the contact. We have many different clients who make use of our bitting advice service, from riders who only hack, retraining of racehorses, children’s ponies, riding club and Pony Club riders, riding schools, riders competing at grassroots, through to Olympic riders across the disciplines.

We are proud to work very closely with Bombers Bits and we probably hold the largest range of Bombers Bits in the UK. With a list of 1000’s of different bits which can be completely tailor made, Bombers pride themselves on being able to help even the trickiest horse. We start with going through our extensive questionnaire of 18 questions to get a background into your horse or pony. We cover mouth conformation, an in depth list of the bits used including mouthpiece and bit ring and your horse’s reaction and finally some video of your horse being ridden. It is really important to note that the more information you give us the better. It is really useful for you to send footage of your horse being ridden and/or on the lunge and the footage we like to see, is what you wouldn’t put on your social media!

We also like to see photos of the bit in your horse’s mouth so we can assess the size. Choosing the right size bit is so important to make sure that the bit is sitting in the right place so it can work correctly.

Bit Fit.