Tack and Bit Hire

At Forelock and Load we offer a really popular tack and bit hire service. This is where you get the opportunity to try an array of products without having to foot the cost, should the item not work for you or your horse.

Bit Hire is an area which has really gone from strength to strength over the last 5 years and really ties in with our Bitting Advice service. As many of you know, we work incredibly closely with Bombers Bits. We love Bombers ethos “Pressure = Resistance, Resistance = Lack Of Control.” All Bombers Bits are handmade in their native South Africa, this gives us so many options. Bombers already produce over 20,000 different bits, which can make choosing the right bit for your horse difficult. This does however give us so many options, that we should be able to find the right bit for you and your horse or pony. We go into our bitting service much more thoroughly in our Bitting Blogs.

We hire the following bits

  • Bombers Bits
  • Neue Schule

Bridle Hire: We started hiring bridles as we were being asked more and more often how the bridle would work on a customer’s horse. We felt that the best way to help our customer and their horse or pony was if we could let them try the bridle before committing to a costly purchase. We all know only too well how our horse or pony is often quick to tell us if they do not approve of the latest piece of tack we have bought for them.

We hire the following bridles

  • Stubben Freedom Bridle
  • Micklem Bridle
  • Schockemohle Alpha and Delta Bridle

Stirrup Hire: Stirrups have changed hugely over the last decade. The technology in both safety and non-safety stirrups is so advanced from the steel iron we all grew up using. Of course, when technology improves it also increases the price of the product. Stirrups are so personal to each rider, offering a stirrup hire service, really gives you a chance to see if the stirrups will work for you. They also really help with stability, ankle, knee and hip pain.

We hire the following stirrups

  • Freejump Pro Stirrups
  • Freejump Classic Stirrups
  • FlexOn Stirrups
  • SafeOn Stirrups
  • Junior SafeOn Stirrups
  • Samshield Shield’Rup Stirrups
  • Jin Stirrups
  • Jin Air Stirrups

Girth Hire: We have had incredible feedback and conversion to sale through our hire service for the Stubben Equi-Soft Girth.

  • Stubben Equi-Soft Girth