Tara very kindly popped in to answer our fun questions to get to know our riders a little better!

  1. Do you have anything lucky that you will not be without on a competition day?
    My lucky item when competing has to be my Willberry Wonder Pony – Maryberry!
  2. What is your favourite and least favourite food?
    My favourite food is definitely raspberries or Oreo chocolate! Least favourite has to be mash potato, I cannot stand it.
  3. If you compared yourself to an animal, which one would you pick and why?
    I am very like a terrier – small and talkative!
  4. What is your least favourite horsey job?
    My least favourite horsey job is poo-picking the fields, I find it very boring.
  5. Who is your celebrity crush?
    My celebrity crushes have to be Timothée Chalamet and Sam Claflin! We’re chuckling as we’re so old we are going to have to Google as to who they are!
  6. Who do you use as your trainer?
    For dressage I have had Malcolm Holtshausen who I’ve used for nearly 4 years and has helped me so much. For jumping I am coached by lots of the U18 coaches, as well Sharon Hunt and Mia Palles-Clark.
  7. Which rider do you admire most and why?
    I really look up to Mollie Summerland , one for how she has produced her own horse up to 4* and two for how brave she is to share her battle with mental health issues – a true inspiration!
  8. Do you have any amazing time saving tips to share with us?
    Clean your stud holes out the night before, you will regret it in the morning if you don’t!
  9. What is the one piece of horsey kit you wouldn’t be without?
    I absolutely love my browband on my jumping bridle from Paragon Equestrian – Rolo does look great in sparkles!
  10. What is your favourite product stocked at Forelock and Load?
    My favourite product in Forelock and Load must be the Samshield helmets, they are so gorgeous!
Tara soaring over a Cross Country fence.

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  1. Barbie on 23rd January 2020 at 7:27 pm

    Love following Tara. She is an inspiration for young and old (like me)

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