Most of us know Kathryn through her horse Feed The Goat (Goaty!)

Goaty is an ex racehorse who is a bit of a legend in the world of Instagram and You Tube. We fired off our Q&A’s to Kathryn his owner who is 25 and together they event.

  1. Do you have anything lucky that you will not be without on a competition day?
    I actually don’t, I am not a particularly superstitious person as long as I have Goat and tack we’re good to go.
  2. What is your favourite and least favourite food?
    My favourite food is marzipan and cheese – not together obviously! I cannot stand any fruit.
  3. If you compared yourself to an animal, which one would you pick and why?
    I think I’d be a lion, I’m fierce, hard working, a good team member and I love my sleep.
  4. What is your least favourite horsey job?
    Tack cleaning, I absolutely hate it.
  5. Who is your celebrity crush?
    Oh, these are juicy questions, George Ezra.
  6. Who do you use as your trainer?
    Tammy Ruffles she has been so supportive and looked after Goat whilst I was recovering from my accident in 2019.
  7. Which rider do you admire most and why?
    Olivia Towers, I love watching her vlogs, she is working towards Grand Prix while sharing her mental health journey.
  8. Do you have any amazing time saving tips to share with us?
    Leather sofa wipes are brilliant for wiping tack over after riding.
  9. What is the one piece of horsey kit you wouldn’t be without?
    My Samshield Riding Hat! (Have a look at all the amazing designs that you have).
  10. What is your favourite product stocked at Forelock and Load?
    I think my answer above also answers this, the Samshield riding helmets are my favourite.
  11. What is Goat’s most annoying habit?
    Tripping over everything including his own feet and imaginary things that aren’t even there!

    Kathryn said Goaty felt left out so she asked him the following question….
    1. What is Kathryn’s most annoying habit?
    Filming everything I do, she’s always got a camera out to film me for the vlog. I can’t even eat my dinner in peace some times!

    Huge thank you to Kathryn and Goat for answering our questions! We wish them all the best for the coming season. Kathryn’s goals after last year are to have fun and make memories with Goat. “It would be nice to step up to BE90 but overall just to get out and have fun.”
Kathryn and Goat Arena Eventing

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