We’ve been working for Charlotte for what seems like an age but can’t be as she is only 20! She also competed Daisy for a season.

Charlotte and Pearl
  1. Do you have anything lucky that you will not be without on a competition day?
    I cannot be without my beautiful, navy Samshield hat. After customising it at Forelock and Load mid 2018, I have had the best season! Including qualifying for Badminton Grassroots 100, Blenheim and 11 top 10 placings!
  2. What is your favourite and least favourite food?
    My Favourite would have to be a Sunday roast, preferably beef….. YUM!
    Least favourite food is cooked brussel sprouts but I LOVE them raw. Umm Charlotte is probably the first person we’ve met who eats raw brussels!!!
  3. If you compared yourself to an animal, which one would you pick and why?
    I’d compare myself to a horse purely because I’ve been around them so long I’m now one of them!
  4. What is your least favourite horsey job?
    Anything during winter! Especially picking out hooves when they come in plastered in thick, wet mud .
  5. Who is your celebrity crush?
    Douglas Booth (another one to Google!!)
  6. Who do you use as your trainer?
    I train with multiple trainers. I find this really works for me getting different opinions – what one may see the other may not.
    I use Sue Harris for SJ, David Merrit mainly for flatwork but also jumping with Pearl and I travel down to Chippenham to train with Tim Rogers who has been fantastic.
  7. Which rider do you admire most and why?
    Piggy French is my biggest inspiration. She’s on fire at the moment.
  8. Do you have any amazing time saving tips to share with us?
    Get a mega mother! Mine (shout out to Adele) has made my horsey experience incredible, I really couldn’t do it without her. No matter the weather or time she’s out lugging poles and wings around.
  9. What is the one piece of horsey kit you wouldn’t be without?
    As I mentioned on the first question, I cannot live without my Samshield hat and also my Voltaire tack.
  10. What is your favourite product in our shop?
    Surprise surprise it is SAMSHIELD!!!!

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