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Bombers Bitting Advice

As many of you know I’ve got the Princess back in the folds for a few months.  As of yet, her path for the 2017 Eventing season is slightly hazy due to my work commitments and the fact I am also getting married!  I am loving having her home and we’re mainly working on her flat work.  She had a few weeks off when she arrived back and has settled back in to the fold really quickly.  Max has fallen head over heels again – who wouldn’t!

Anyway, I felt that she was a little fixed on her left rein, even though I am right handed I would deem myself left hand dominant – doesn’t make sense to me either!  I then decided to have a play around with her bit to see if we could find a solution.  Between myself and Claire Lund from Bombers we do a lot of bitting advice, although I guess it’s a bit like being a gardener and coming home to tend to your own garden but I didn’t really think about applying some advice to myself!  So I got her teeth, back and saddle checked and all were given the ok and then I spoke at length to Claire about the problems I was having on the flat.  We concluded that we should try the Bombers Barrel 20.

I have hired it in the loose ring which provides instant release and for the bit to reset in the horse’s mouth as you give, but I will change it to the eggbutt as I think the mare will appreciate a bit more stability from the eggbutt ring.  The change has been incredible!  The Barrel 20 limits the nut cracker action and increases the pressure on the tongue but removes it from across the bars of the mouth due to the locking action.  Immediately Daisy was more comfortable and much more consistent in both reins with a marked improvement on the left.  I was seriously impressed!  We offer this bit to hire as well as a straight purchase and it is BD legal!  We do recommend you always check with your governing body prior to competition. If anyone would like any bitting advice or is having problems with their horse please do drop me an email and we can see what we can do to help!  Kirstie

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