Bombers Bits

Bombers Bits are the brainchild of Bomber Nel, a superior horseman with a keen eye for engineering, detail and comfort for the horse.  Each Bombers Bit is handmade in their factory in South Africa.  There are over 10,000 different types of Bombers Bits making it possible to bit almost any horse.  People recognise the bluing on the Sweet Iron bits which is achieved by heating the metal to a high temperature.  Sweet Iron not only oxidises easily, it is warm, increases salivation and is more readily accepted by horses.  Bomber then produced the Bomber Blue which is a nylon composite synthetic mouthpiece which is a game changer for horse’s who dislike metal.  It is incredibly light but very strong.  Next came along the Titanium range which Forelock and Load are also proud to stock.  Incredibly lightweight yet strong the Titanium Bombers are non-toxic and hypoallergenic.  Move along another few months and the Moulded Mullen which has a flexible stainless steel cable core that has been injection moulded with a flexible and synthetic material which is then flattened and angled.  The whole Bombers ethos is “pressure = resistance, remove the pressure and you lose the resistance.”