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Shampoos & Show Preparation

Shampoos, conditioners, hoof oils, glitter and much more to achieve that dazzling show ring finish.

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    Absorbine CoolDown 946ml


    Absorbine Stain Remover & Whitener Spray

    Barrier Lavender Wash

    Barrier Lavender Wash


    Barrier Pesky Pest Wash 500ml


    Barrier Revitalising Wash 500ml


    Barrier Super Power Plus Spray


    Brighter than White


    Canter Coat Shine Conditioner Spray 600ml


    Canter Mane & Tail Conditioner


    Carr Day & Martin Dream Coat 600ml


    Close Shave Disposable Equine Razor


    Cornucrescine Hoof Moisturiser 500ml