Many of you know that we are huge followers of Diamonds in the Rough and both Nic and Fran often trial and test our products.

We’re recently helped Fran bitting her gorgeous Welsh Section B Stallion Raf.

Raf is available to cover a limited number of mares this season.

I’ve always struggled to find a bit to suit Raf. He has a typical tiny pony mouth and fleshy lips but add in his super sensitive pink skin and the need to trial them in 4.5″ or 4.75″ and it’s been very hit and miss.

He cannot use any kind of jointed or lozenge bit as tongue pressure causes him to curl up totally BTV (behind the vertical) to the point I have zero steering! I had settled on a Bomber Happy Tongue but not only did I feel he was still a little unsettled, it also cannot be used as a bradoon in years to come.

Kirstie suggested the Bombers Ported Barrel as a replacement and I finally feel like I’ve got a consistent contact as well as the ability to make adjustments without him going BTV.

The whole team at F&L have gone above and beyond to not only order me a custom bit in Raf’s tiny size but made sure I had a bit to keep schooling him in whilst waiting. I can’t thank them enough and when I need a curb I will definitely be asking for their advice again.

Thanks again I can’t say how much we appreciate it.

A note from Forelock and Load – we are extending our hire section and have really grown our range of pony bits. Please do get in touch if you require any bitting help

Raf showing off his Bombers Eggbutt Ported Barrel

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