Bombers 2.5 Ring Elliptical B Comfy 130mm

Bombers 2.5 Ring Elliptical B Comfy




The Elliptical Comfy from Bombers has a 38mm lozenge, which is slightly smaller than the standard elliptical lozenge. This takes some of the pressure off the tongue and places it on the bars encouraging the horse to lift his head, while the lozenge encourages the horses head to come more towards the vertical.

The Comfy mouthpiece has extra curvature, which softens the pinch action of a jointed mouthpiece and offers more tongue relief.

The blue sweet iron mouthpiece oxidises easily, warming up and creating a sweet taste. This encourages the horse to salivate and gently mouth the bit, accepting and softening to the contact.

The 2½ Ring version is the softest version of ring bit as the ½ ring softens the leverage on the mouthpiece and poll.  This bit comes with a back strap that fastens just below where a cavesson noseband would sit.  When using the back strap this should be introduced loosely and then tightened one hole at a time.  The back strap tightened will increases the leverage and the reaction will be quicker (therefore sharper) on the horse’s mouth/poll.

Please note that the blue will fade with use.


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