Equitus Alpha Anatomical Bridle Hire

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Equitus Alpha Anatomical Bridle Hire



Schockemöhle Sports is setting new standards with the Equitus bridle series comprising anatomically shaped bridles.

In the centre of the considerations for a new bridle concept was the sensitive head of the horse. The goal was to develop a bridle that offers a maximum of wearing comfort for the horse thanks to a complete redesign of the bridle layout.

Curved Cavesson

The noseband is shaped to bypass the very sensitive main facial nerve “Nervus Facialis” as far as possible. As an outcome to that no pressure is exerted to this nerve and the acial arteries and veins aren’t exposed to any pressure as well. This is an enormous benefit for sensitive horses. This can be very beneficial for head shakers and horse’s who hold tension in their head/poll/jaw.

Anatomically formed headpiece

The softly padded headpiece with anatomical shape assures freedom of movement in neck area – furthermore the horses’ ear movement is not restricted.

New positioning of flash strap

The new positioning of the “EQUITUS“ bridle flash strap supports unrestricted breathing.

If you hire this bridle and love it, you can upgrade to the Equitus Beta with its beautiful crystal browband.  An additional £35 will need to be paid to Forelock and Load.

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Hire Details

• You pay the full RRP for the bridle in advance
•  Hire Charge is £30
• Payment must be received before the bridle will be sent out for hire
• The bridle must be returned before the 14 days are up (penalties for late returns as per T&C’s)
• Hire for the bridle commences on the date of dispatch
• On purchasing and deciding to keep the bridle please communicate with us for either a new bridle to be sent out or you keep the bridle you have.
The bridle of the size and colour you request will be sent to you as soon as the hire bridle is received back at Forelock and Load. If you require the Equitus Beta (with crystal browband an additional £35 will need to be paid).  If you require the Freedom Magic Tack Bridle (with interchangeable crystal browband an additional £40 will need to be paid).
If you decide you do not want the Equitus Alpha Bridle, on receiving it back, in the condition as set out in the terms and conditions of hiring, you will be refunded the RRP less the £30 hire charge.
Hire items cannot be purchased with finance.