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Gerber Vital Pack Saw


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Gerber Vital Pack Saw


The Gerber Vital Pack Saw is a compact and practical saw to cut through bones. Think of opening a ribcage or removing antlers. When in the field you, of course, don’t to carry too much tools with you. This Pack Saw is ideal if you don’t. Because of its limited size and weight you will barely notice that you are carrying it with you.

The blade is 8.8 cm long, with a cutting edge of 6.7 cm. Because of the blunt edge the risk of accidental piercing is limited. The rubber parts of the handle ensure that you will also have enough grip with wet or bloody hands.

It will perfectly fit inside the included nylon sheath. It can be carried vertically on a belt up to 6.0 cm or horizontally on a belt up to 5.3 cm.




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