Stübben Freedom Bridle Hire

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Stubben Freedom Bridle Hire.



Stübben Freedom Bridle Hire

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This unique Stübben Freedom Bridle respects your horse‘s anatomy and bio-mechanics

Grants full sight field to your horse

  • The area of the sight field marked red, which often gets shielded by the cheek pieces of ordinary bridles, is fully preserved by the innovative design of our cheek pieces.

Fully preserves freedom of movement for the horse‘s ears

  • Just like the horse‘s eyes, also its ears are highly important for the horse‘s communication. As neither the headstall nor the browband cross any of the horse‘s 16 ear muscles (4 front muscles, 4 rear muscles for each ear) no pressure can possibly be exerted on any nerves and venes. The FREEDOM bridle hence preserves full freedom of movement of the ears.

Sustains your horse‘s natural joy in moving

  • The special position of the headstall and the throat strap keep the horse‘s sensitive areas in the neck and the throat free from pressure. The horse‘s flight instinct will not be triggered. Instead of causing discomfort and refusal, the horse can fully unfold its natural joy in moving.
  • This is the first bridle that was developed considering all anatomical characteristics of the horse‘s head.
  • The stress often caused by conventional bridles, will not occur with this bridle. Your horse will feel at ease.

The special features of our design are:

  • Full sight for your horse
  • Full freedom of movement for the horse‘s ears
  • No pressure on neuralgic areas of the horse‘s head (main facial nerve, muscles of the ears, neck and throat)
  • Sustains your horse‘s natural joy in moving

****This bridle is FEI LEGAL for BE, BD, BS and FEI****

To fit correctly first take the headpiece over the head, and position it approx an inch behind the ears. It must not touch the ears, this would cause friction.

Next step is to fasten the throat strap. With the headpiece in the correct position an inch away from the ears, the throat strap buckled will keep the headpiece from moving forward.

Then you must check the noseband. The noseband should lay 2 fingers lower than the cheeks bone. Any higher, it will be uncomfortable and cause pressure.

Fitting Video 

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Stübben Freedom Bridle Hire

  • Rated 5 out of 5
    22nd August 2016 | 2:27 pm22/8/2016

    Thanks so much for the hire service and all your advice, I will certainly make Forelock and Load my new go to website for quality equipment.

  • Rated 5 out of 5
    Jenna Stewart
    2nd December 2017 | 5:05 pm2/12/2017

    The Stübben Snaffle Freedom Bridle has worked wonders for Carraun Golden Touch, here are a few reasons why :
    Horses in the wild have three natural instincts for survival two of which are eyesight and hearing. Usually with ordinary bridles we can make it harder for horses to see and hear things making some horses a little bit on edge or maybe stressed out in a new environment. As riders we want our horses to always perform the best that they possibly can and if we are restricting eyesight or preventing full movement for their ears it could be one more factor to your horse not performing their best. How would you feel if you had your vision constrained especially in a new environment ?
    My horse Danny loves to know everything that is going on all the time and so the Freedom Bridle has really helped Danny relax especially at shows because the Freedom Bridle gives the horse’s 100% vision which is often blocked by the cheek pieces of ordinary bridles.
    The horses ears are also crucial for the horse’s communication with the rider. The bridle sits a bit further back than a ordinary Bridle so that the Bridle pieces and the browband do not cross any of the horse‘s 16 ear muscles, not only this but there is no pressure on the neuralgic areas of the horses head. This means no pressure can possibly be applied on any nerves and veins. This also means there is 100% full movement for the ears!
    100% full eyesight and 100% full ear movements means that the Freedom Bridle gives as much Freedom for the horse as it possible can. Making sure that when you go into the ring your horse is focused solely on you and nothing else!
    The stübben Freedom Bridle is permitted by British Dressage and FEI (Fédération Equestre Internationale.)
    The Stübben Freedom Bridle can be seen on : Stübben UK & Ireland, Forelock and Load, Eland Lodge Equestrian, Elite Saddlery and many more places online and in stores. Sian Saddlery have the Freedom Bridle available to try before you buy and offer the chance to hire them out. Forelock and load also offer people the chance to try the bridle before they buy it. They offer a bespoke fitting package and help people throughout the hire period.

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Hire Details

• You pay the full RRP for the bridle in advance; £219.99
•  Hire Charge is £30
• Payment must be received before the bridle will be sent out for hire
• The bridle must be returned before the 14 days are up (penalties for late returns as per T&C’s)
• Hire for the bridle commences on the date of dispatch
• On purchasing and deciding to keep the bridle please communicate with us for either a new bridle to be sent out or you keep the bridle you have.
The bridle of the size and colour you request will be sent to you as soon as the hire bridle is received back at Forelock and Load. If you require the Equitus Beta (with crystal browband an additional £35 will need to be paid).
If you decide you do not want the Equitus Alpha Bridle, on receiving it back, in the condition as set out in the terms and conditions of hiring, you will be refunded the RRP less the £30 hire charge (£189.99)

Fitting Details

Fitting the Stübben Freedom Bridle

  1. Take the bridle (without the bit) and place on your horse’s head with the headpiece being once inch back from your horse’s ears.  It must not touch the ears at this point.
  2. Fasten the throat lash whilst the headpiece is in the correct place.  This will stop the headpiece from moving too far forward and secure the bridle.  The throat lash should sit snug against the horse’s cheek without it being over tight. 
  3. The noseband should be fitted next.  It should sit 2 fingers lower than the protruding cheek bone.  Any higher it will be uncomfortable and cause unnecessary pressure. 
  4. Once happy, take it off and attach your bit and put it back on remembering where you fastened it up before.
  5. Have a look at our video fitting guide on our YouTube channel.

If you have any queries please email Kirstie with photos so we can recommend how to change it.